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As the technical evolution everything gets its digital form so why not your business, the online presence will increase your business productivity. Here we offer our clients wide digital marketing services including social media marketing, content, search, web designing, and mobile advertising. To deliver Digital excellence we act by creativity.


Staying in top organic search results will boost-up business productivity by it requires substantial planning and action, we Creatah Technology is one of the top SEO companies in Chennai that could assist your business in grabbing the attention of your target audience.

We take the responsibility of SEO, our SEO team gets to work after proper study of the product, current market, and competitor's actions to develop a flawless strategy that meets your goals. Our comprehensive SEO plan incorporates all SEO activities, from deep keyword analysis to meta tags and javascript indexing.



People are wide-minded so making them focus only on a particular product is becoming impossible but when you get a chance to convince your target audience about what you wait for. To take your audience to your site you can opt for pay-per-click advertising campaigns, however, it necessitates extensive campaign analysis, monitoring, and management, and we’ll handle it.

You may wonder why PPC is the best way to expand your business, it allows us to target qualified audiences and reach out to them that allows direct communication with your company. This could make them gain more knowledge of your product but to have an effective PPC campaign, a PPC audit is vital.


The online presence of your business will scale up your productivity rate but to do so there should be proper maintenance thus we provide you with a well-structured social media strategy. Our team will conduct a social media assessment of your organization and understand your marketing requirements. We used to create a social media calendar that includes social media content by knowing the organization's monthly goals as well as live trends that assure you are staying updated with those trending topics.

We Creatah Technology are familiar with working with trending social media networks including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Twitter. We used to record the data and audience insights to create future content campaigns. We could help you in making your online presence a better one with our experience and our unique strategy will bring you leads and profits.



Like how a customer-friendly app encourages the customers to make use of it, the informative and understandable content could generate more leads and sales. To give creative and relatable information about a company we do research and make use of strategies to build content by understanding the customer’s expectations of a product.

We create a content calendar in advance to make a plan for the future and to make a decision in advance. Then the content creation work will be initiated by our experienced content writer and designers for all your needs like blog posts, social media content, tutorial, or even for your website.

Created content will be taken to optimization this is an important process, Creatah Technology is the top SEO Company in Chennai assure each piece of information will be optimized from our side because this means that it includes SEO content, to optimize it for users and search engines.


Email marketing is a tool that increases your sales when there is a launch of a new product, weekend or special sales, or any announcement this could help you in reaching your target audience easily. It should be highly conceptualized and should be designed with short and crisp words to make your customers sense of it. Proper tracking and monitoring are required for an email marketing campaign.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to connect with a wide range of customers within no time. Email messages can be linked back to your website and integrated with sophisticated campaign management tools that help monitor click-through rates, Return On Investment, and other measures which define the success of the Email Marketing Campaign.



Mobile Marketing is a kind of multi-channel digital marketing strategy through which you could reach your target audience via smartphones, and other mobile devices. There is a lot to do with mobile phones accessing social media, email, browsing, and playing games so you can take this as a chance to promote your business.

Mobile marketing could be the best place where you could deliver your audience with more personal and intimate marketing campaigns with their previous browsing or purchase. You could also add up direct links to your site which allow let them check the deals instantly. Professional assistance in it will give you greater results so get a professional touch with us and get a long way for your business.


Evaluating the sales performance is the only way to boost your performance by knowing the current status that is where marketing analytics could help you. With this data, you could plan further to improve your sales strategies and maximize profit percentage via applying the latest technology and analytical processes.

The marketing analytics development has rapidly increased now with more advancement the digital attribution models are come to use. These algorithms could assist in calculating the interaction point of each customer with the brand and with multi-touch attribution, the marketers could be able to track the customer’s journey through various devices.



Affiliate marketing helps businesses by generating business leads and traffic, taking the right partner for affiliate marketing is vital for success. With this, the company could grow up and get a better position for their products in the market

Getting qualified affiliate marketing requires research to get the right one that could protect you from making mistakes. Ideally, a firm that can handle end-to-end management and is as committed to your success as you are will ensure success.